What Are The Most Common Truck Accident Causes?

Learn About The Most Common Big Rig Accidents and How You Can Prevent Them From Happening.

There are thousands of truck accidents occurring across the country, and do you ever wonder what the most common causes of these accidents are? While many of the reasons for accidents taking place are pretty obvious, there are a few which may surprise you. Today, we’re going to share the most common causes of truck accidents in the US, all of which will require the help of The Truck Accident Law Firm. Their attorneys and the team have the specialized skills, experience, and resources necessary to assist you in obtaining a full recovery if you are involved in a truck or commercial motor vehicle crash. The Truck Accident Law Firms’ mission is to one day have the roads safe and accident-free from semi-trucking accidents, so there is no need to represent innocent victims from the negligence of 80,000 trucks and the companies that own them.

What is the main reason for a trucking accident?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), eighty-eight percent of truck-related crashes are due to driver’s error. But let’s not blame only the driver. Often the trucking company does not train the driver correctly, properly maintain the trucks, or hire a third party company.

Why do truck drivers not abide by the laws of how many hours they are allowed to drive per day?

Like most mistakes, it is due to fear. The consequences of losing their jobs, a decision is made, and many innocent people pay for the driver’s choice.
Employers impose an ultimatum in no uncertain terms. This causes negligence on the driver and the employer in the long run when fatigue sets in due to long hours on the road and not taking adequate rest days or breaks. Because they succumb to exhaustion, the result is always the same: lack of concentration, make fatal errors and run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel of an 80,000-pound vehicle. This situation is the reason The Truck Accident Law Firm was established. Our teams’ goals and passion are to educate and protect the innocent. Truck crash cases are all we focus on and support the rules and regulations for the public’s best interest.

How has technology affected truck driving accident statistics?

Truckers are causing accidents now more than ever due to the increased reliance on their smartphones, which is distracted driving and is only getting worse. Any activity where you use your phone that takes your attention off the road is considered distracted driving. This can be using your phone to change or scroll through music, talking or texting on your device, and checking or participating in social media while operating a vehicle. Drivers drive long hours, and it can be monotonous, but there is never an excuse to use your phone, eat meals, or do anything else to keep you occupied while operating your vehicle. It is required to pull off the road for a break to perform these tasks.

Are drugs and alcohol still a factor for truckers while driving?

After all the education and consequences, we are still driving while intoxicated, resulting in fatal accidents. With the combination of long hours and boredom, many truck drivers rely on drugs and alcohol to keep them awake and sadly entertained. Although all truck drivers are tested and monitored with strict regulations, this does not deter them and doesn’t mean everyone is driving safely. With the influence of drugs or alcohol, the results are that they are more likely to make dangerous lane changes, use increased speeds, and the inability to stop in an appropriate time frame.

Why do we still have to mention speeding when it comes to 80,000-pound vehicles?

With the pressure for the truckers to work on strict deadlines or drop off a load before a store or facility closes, they might try to obtain the goal by increasing their speeds. It is a significant factor, and this, unfortunately, leads to many accidents on the road. The truck drivers’ pressure often leads to fatal accidents, and small passenger cars are the most affected. Regardless if you’re on the road in an 80,00-pound semi-truck or a car or motorcycle, abide by the speed limit at all times, and this could save your life or someone else’s.

Is it always the truck driver’s fault for an accident?

Truck Maintenance, proper loading, and training the drivers are also essential in preventing accidents. When a truck is involved in an accident, The Truck Accident Law Firm attorney can ensure that the semi-truck is roadworthy. Trucking companies are responsible for checking each vehicle before it heads out on the road, but this is often skipped over. Our firm encourages victims to contact someone on our team as soon as possible following the accident. The earlier you receive professional advice from a seasoned semi-truck accident lawyer, you are more likely to have a successful claim and receive the support you need.

Some of the most common types of mechanical issues that may result in a truck accident include:

  • Brake failure
  • Trailer hook up failure
  • Loss of running lights or directional signals
  • Tire blowouts and tire tread separation
  • Truck engine overheating
  • Truck transmission failure


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is tasked with regulating the trucking industry for the safety of truck drivers and others on the road. FMCSA rules include maximum hours of service to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue. Additionally, the truckers and carriers must comply with inspection, repair, and maintenance regulations. These rules forbid any unsafe operation that will likely cause an accident or vehicle breakdown. The FMCSA rules also maintain a list of parts and accessories necessary for safe operation that must be present and in good condition.

These parts include:

  • Tires
  • Brakes and brake system components
  • Mirror
  • Signal and lights
  • Safety equipment


The Truck Accident Law Firm has over 80 years of combined experience. Although every attorney’s goal is to educate the public and enforce laws and regulations set for the trucking industry, one day, our biggest compliment would be that the roads are so safe. No fatalities; we no longer need to defend the justice of those caught in the negligence of others.

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