There are Many Dangers Associated with Party Buses and Limo’s

Renting a party bus or stretch limo seems like a reasonable idea when it comes to arranging a large group of people to be able to all ride together and enjoy a wonderful time without the hassle of being responsible for the driving and parking isn’t an issue. It allows you to “start the party” before arriving at prom, wedding, or special event. It is definitely a better idea than drinking and driving, however, many do not realize the dangers that come with hiring a stretch limo or party bus.

In recent years there have been more and more accidents associated with stretch limo/party bus. Most recently actor Tracy Morgan was gravely injured when a fatigued driver caused a multi-vehicle accident on the New Jersey Turnpike in 2014. The end result was that the luxury van. Mr. Morgan was in flipped and he obtained serious injuries. Unfortunately, his fellow comedian and passenger, James McNair was killed in the accident.

Although many enjoy the atmosphere of these vehicles such as loud music, drinking, and an array of strobe lights it can cause one to forget common sense that goes with riding in any vehicle regardless of who is driving. These vehicles allow you to stand, move around, dance of which normally you would adhere to seat belts that are not the norm in this situation. A sudden turn or a quick stop can cause serious injuries and possibly death.

These vehicles should be called Frankenstein vehicle since most of them are not factory direct. They are regular standard vehicles that have been redesigned and altered. These vehicles have their bodies expanded on the top, bottom, and sides and then bolted back together. A standard factory vehicle is all about safety such as it contains a protective cage to aid in preventing the automobile to be crushed and trapping you in it or collapsing on the passengers. When a limo or stretch S.U.V is altered to be longer it seriously affects the structural integrity. Just as Frankenstein was put together piece by piece the same goes for these vehicles. They are inclined to break apart, collapsing, and crushing those inside. Because these vehicles are altered by adding seats, removing seatbelts, and taking out airbags the occupants are at a higher risk for injury or death as the result of an accident.

Party buses are not better due to the ability to walk around through the bus while it is in motion. This is particularly dangerous because the doors on the bus are supposed to be locked while the vehicle is in motion. This is good for safety but awful in the case of an accident because if the driver is injured and is unable to unlock the doors the passengers could be trapped inside. On the other hand, there have been situations where the door locks malfunctioned and due to a sudden and unexpected swerve of the party bus it has been known to cause a passenger to be slammed against the door of which opened and he was thrown on the Freeway and consequently ran over.  

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