Attorneys Joe Camerlengo, Michael Leizerman, and Joe Fried, from The Truck Accident Law Firm, participated in this Truck Driving class.  Read more about the class experience below.

By Melissa Scavelli, Source: KULR

When it comes to driving a big rig seconds matter.
Truck drivers have to be especially careful while traveling the millions of miles of our nation’s roadways.
Legacy Corporation International of Billings and the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys teamed up to put on a class to teach their attorneys how to better connect with their cases.
Attorney and student, Tom Meter said, “When you have an 80,000-pound truck doing 65 to 75 miles an hour down the highway people need to understand what that means.” and that’s why he joined the class.
An 18-Wheeler can’t stop, accelerate, or turn as quickly as the rest of us in our day to day vehicles; they’re not big cars.
Lew Grill, founder, and owner of Legacy Corporation International said a tractor-trailer is a “completely different type of machinery. It’s higher, wider, longer, and heavier.”
Every aspect of an 18-Wheeler makes driving it hard and accidents easy.
The attorneys participated to see exactly what the driver goes through every day.
Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys founder, Joe Fried, said as attorneys “we have to try to understand theoretically what a truck driver is supposed to do under a set of circumstances. We can read about it in a book but it’s very, very different to have actually done it.”
That’s why the ATA said it’s imperative attorneys take a class like this.
A big part of tractor trailer accident cases is crash reconstruction.
Several different scenarios were set up by a specialist to help them better understand.
Northwestern University, Crash Reconstruction Engineer, Michael Ditallo, set up the different scenarios and said, “when we start doing dynamic testing [the attorneys] will be able to appreciate why the coefficient of friction for a heavy vehicle is not the same as a car. It takes a truck longer to stop even in the best conditions.”
Both Legacy Corporation International and Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys said the end result is for attorneys to appreciate the work and bring fairness into the courtroom.