Have you ever been driving on a highway or a two-lane road and been confronted with an 80,000-pound log truck? There is a good possibility a few thoughts run through your mind. How much destruction can this massive beast cause? Will I be able to get by this monstrosity safely and in one piece? Is the driver of the log truck paying attention? And are they under the influence of a mind-altering substance? These are all good questions and are reasonable to ask yourself. Unfortunately, these scenarios are catastrophic and occur many times a year.

It is understood that logging operations are one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. According to the International Journal of Forest Engineering 78% of accents happen more often in the southern states and consequently, they were fatal.

Logging trucks have different loads than a regular trailer hauling semi-trucks and as a result, are more dangerous. A logging company and the drivers have a different set of regulations than any other trucking company. The rollover rate is much higher and to make the situation worse many times the impact or the attempt to avoid an accident by overcompensating can cause the cargo to break free.

It is not unusual for log truck drivers to be required to drive for long periods of time and in the south, there are many winding roads that requires an impeccable amount of caution and awareness. There are many reasons that can cause log truck accidents.

  • Improper cargo loading and shift change of the logs
  • Failing to professionally train and instruct the truck driver
  • Distracted and drowsy driving
  • Speeding, failure to yield, failure to follow road signs
  • Equipment failure or poor truck maintenance
  • Unsafe or poor road conditions
  • Using mind-altering substances
  • Flying debris
  • Bald tires or blowouts
  • Failing to utilize reflective tape and warning signs

Lumber companies sometimes hire nonreportable logging truck operators who may not have the appropriate training of which can cause accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, these companies will attempt to discredit their responsibility in the situation. Because they have access to the financial resources and legal team to try and “pass the buck” to the truck driver and the company he/she drives for.

There has been an attempt to regulate the driver’s status and the number of hours they have been on the road. The Department of Transportation requires the use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) of which is federally mandated.

Many times, the accident is fatal to the automobile driver and their passengers. The Truck Accident Law Firm has helped many victims injured or killed in trucking accidents and has the specialized skill, experience, and resources necessary to assist you in obtaining a full recovery if you are involved in a log trucking accident. If the situation occurs we are able to represent family members who may be entitled to damages and wrongful death benefits from the trucking company, the numerous companies that participated in transporting the load, and possibly the lumber company who may bear some fault for the crash.

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