Truck drivers are considered essential workers and have been allowed to travel from state to state during the pandemic. Although this is great for us due to shortages in supplies as well as the need to deliver medical equipment and supplies to other essential workers. The stress of being a truck driver is enormous on a normal day, however, the pandemic has compounded insult to injury. But as essential as truck drivers have become, the daily experience of being one during this time is taking a toll. Bathrooms have become difficult to find stating “No bathroom available due to Coronavirus. Not only are bathrooms a problem but most truckers depend on a reliable break room and showers are closed. Indoor dining or the ability to go inside and get an order to go is also out of the question and obviously an 18-wheeler cannot go through the drive-through.

Drivers may face drastic changes in schedules, routes, workloads, and services as the disease impacts more areas. Considering all of these factors truck drivers may feel stressed out for longer periods of time. Prolonged, unmanaged stress can lead to mental and physical health concerns of which in some way or another affect their awareness and readiness on the road.
Here are a few things truckers can do to maintain their mental health and preserve their physical wellbeing.

Video chat with family and friends: Being isolated for long periods of time from friends and family members is one of the main complaints of driving a semi-truck. Of course, you can call and text (when not driving) is one way to connect; there is a better way iPhone users can connect through Facetime. Do not fret if you do not have an iPhone there are many social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram are good options as well.

Explore podcast: Remember when we only had the radio to listen to? Well, we have evolved to podcasts and boy do they have something for everyone. Regardless if you are a car junkie, true crimes, finance expert, sports buff, or would just like to listen to the news this is for you.

Stop and go for a walk: Because truckers travel all over the country there is always time to pull over and explore the scenery. It is beneficial for your circulation every few hours to stretch and take a small walk. Walking has been proven over and over again that walking is extremely beneficial to your overall health and wellness.

  • Journaling: Being privy to all the beautiful corners of the world keeping a journal of your experiences is a great way to unwind and clear your mind from the day. It is also beneficial for recalling situations and reflecting on the past.
  • Continuing Education: Times change, the laws change, as do regulations so it is a great idea to stay informed. Many truck drivers have been driving for years but it never hurts to refresh your mind on safe habits.

During the pandemic, it is a good idea to keep yourself in check because of all the stressors that go along with truck drivers sometimes behaviors become askew. Road rage and fear of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, weight gain, fatigue, and sleep problems, memory and concentration problems, anxiety, headaches, and depression are just a few. Be aware of how you are feeling and what choices you make for your own health and wellness but also for the other people you share the road with. The Truck Accident Law Firm promotes safety for all. If you or a loved one falls victim to a semi-truck accident please call us for a free consultation.