Rain, ice, snow, smoke, and dust are all problematic when it comes to safe driving for truckers. Among all weather conditions, we believe fog is probably the most dangerous. Each year in America, 38,700 vehicle crashes occur in the fog. That results to 600 people are killed and many families are devastated. Another factor is 16, 300 are injured every year.

The immense weight of tractor-trailers can make it very difficult to control, especially in harsh driving conditions. The drivers of semi-trucks and commercial motor vehicles have a responsibility to practice the duty of “extreme caution”.  During extreme fog it is a requirement that the driver pulls over and waits until conditions improve.

Negligence comes into play when the truckers do not slow down, use low beams headlights, they should avoid passing other vehicles, and the driver should never stop on the side of the road. Truck drivers must meet his/her duty, failure to do so results in them being held liable.

Truck drivers must hold a Commercial Drivers License which requires a higher level of knowledge, special skills, and more responsibility. They must abide by all federal and state commercial trucking regulations. It is not unusual for a semi-truck to have the inability to see another vehicle in the fog and “override” the passenger car. This is the causation of a trucker totally running over another automobile, which can attribute to major injuries and possibly death.

Many Insurance companies and trucking companies attempt to “blame” the weather, however, The Truck Accident Law Firm understands this is not a defense and we have an extensive in handling these types of accidents. Our attorneys have an extensive background in truck accidents from taking cases to trial and winning, going to truck driving school, writing a book on truck accident litigation, as well as nationwide guest lecture seminars on teaching other lawyers on how to win a truck accident lawsuit.

Truck drivers are on a rigid schedule, but it is mandatory they reduce their speed during foggy conditions. The force of impact from an 80,000-pound truck is made more deadly with each mile of increased speed.

The injuries that are sustained in a trucking accident are far more extensive than an automobile.  It is imperative you seek treatment immediately and contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. Our lawyers will gather all the necessary information to build a strong case on your behalf. Contact The Truck Accident Law Firm www.truckcrashlaw.com or give us a call 904-306-9220 or 888-511-TRUCK.