School Bus Accident Statistics

The National Highway Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) conducted a study of all fatalities and injuries regarding school buses. While their study points out that riding on school buses is much safer than riding in a car or 15 passenger van, danger does exist, and drivers and passengers need to be careful.

  • 25 million children ride a school bus every day
  • In 2005 school bus crashes killed over 130 people and injured approximately 11,000
  • 10% of these deaths and over 50% of injuries were school bus passengers and drivers

Rules for School Bus Passengers

School bus rides are often fun and exciting experiences for children. When organizations take children on bus rides it usually means they are going someplace unique and exciting, but it is important to make sure all children stay safe and under control. It is especially important for chaperones on bus trips to maintain order because out of control children can pose dangers to themselves, the driver, and other passengers.

Rules for Entering a Bus

  1. Do not enter the bus unless it is at a full and complete stop.
  2. Wait for the bus in a safe location away from traffic.
  3. Always use the handrail when entering the bus.

Rules for Riding a Bus

  1. Enter and exit the bus in an orderly manner.
  2. Stay seated throughout the duration of the trip.
  3. Keep head, hands, legs, arms, and objects inside the bus at all times.
  4. Sit with feet on the floor and face forward.
  5. Keep aisle free and clear throughout the ride.
  6. Do not distract the bus driver

Rules for Exiting a Bus

  1. All passengers should walk at least 10 feet from the front of the bus before crossing the street
  2. The handrail should be used by all passengers as they exit.
  3. The driver should give a signal before anyone crosses the street.
  4. Do not allow anyone to cross from behind the bus.

School Transportation-Related Bus Crashes and Traffic Safety Facts from the NHTSA. Download the PDF for further reading.

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