Case Results

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

$20 million

Brain Injury, Red Light Violation – Verdict in Cobb County, Georgia against trucking company when a truck driver ran a red light striking car and causing brain injury to the driver of passenger vehicle.

$20 million

Brain Injury, Red Light Violation – A tractor-trailer ran a red light and hit a car, leaving the man with permanent brain damage along with other injuries in Cobb County, Georgia.

$16 million

Brain Injury, Vehicle Rollover – The wheel came off a trailer and hit a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction causing it to roll over in Los Angeles, California.

Wrongful Death Cases

$14.25 million

Wrongful Death, Rear End Collision – A woman’s arm was burned and her husband and daughter were killed when their vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on a bridge near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Truck Accident Law Firm secured $14.25 million after filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

$14.25 million

Wrongful Death & Burn Injury – Husband was killed and wife burned in collision with a tractor-trailer on a bridge in Horry County, South Carolina.

$14 million

Wrongful DeathTruck Accident A Young girl who was the driver of a vehicle was killed when a tractor-trailer hit her stopped vehicle on the interstate in Bryan County, Georgia.

Neck and Spinal Injury Cases

$2.75 million

Spinal Injury, Rear-End Collision
The Truck Accident Law Firm secured this result after a middle-aged man injured his neck and upper back, requiring spinal reconstruction surgery, when his vehicle was rear-ended by a work truck employee who was texting while driving on GA 400 near Alpharetta, Fulton County, Georgia.

$2.25 million

Neck & Back Fusion, Unsecured Load
Man injured when logging truck turned and logs penetrated his windshield in Effingham County, Georgia.

$2.25 million

Neck & Back Fusion, Bus Accident
A Man was in a vehicle that was rear-ended by a transit bus in Marietta, Georgia.

Nerve Injury Cases

$3.25 million

Nerve Injury, Pedestrian Collision
A truck driver working on the refrigeration unit of his vehicle while on the shoulder of the road was struck by passing tractor-trailer causing brachial plexus injury in Cumming, Georgia.

$1.8 million

Back Injury, Truck vs Truck Collision
A truck driver injured his back and suffered a permanent nerve injury when a tractor-trailer struck his truck as he slept in his sleeper berth in a parking lot in Douglasville, Georgia.

$1.2 million

RSD Injury, Rear End Collision
Verdict for a dentist who suffered nerve injury in her wrist as a result of a low-impact rear-end accident in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Serious Injury Cases

$10.5 million

Paralysis, Pedestrian Collision
A tractor-trailer veered onto the shoulder of the road and struck a police vehicle that had stopped a car for a traffic violation in Marion, Alabama.

$7.65 million

Facial Scars & Degloving Injury
A tractor-trailer changed lanes and collided with the vehicle causing it to roll over causing the female driver to lose the skin on her arm and suffer facial scars in Jonesboro, Georgia.

$6.25 million

Amputated Leg, Head On Collision
A tractor-trailer crossed the centerline and hit an oncoming vehicle head-on in Greer, South Carolina.