The Truck Accident Law Firm has the specialized skill, experience and resources necessary to assist you in obtaining a full recovery if are involved in a truck crash. Commercial trucking crashes typically lead to much more severe injuries than common car wrecks. Truck accident cases are very complex, and they involve a multiple companies that hold some form of responsibility for the accident. The Truck Accident Law Firm attorneys have an extensive background in truck accidents, 80 years combined experience, they all have been to truck driving school and obtained their CDL licensure, nationwide guest lecture seminar on teaching other lawyers on how to win a truck accident lawsuit.

Lawyers often work with many different professionals to properly get that evidence, see to it the that client’s personal and legal need are being met, and to have all the details they need to persuasively present your case to an adjuster or a jury.

The Professionals we may work with in truck accident cases

Experienced truck accident lawyers may work with a team of professionals.

These professionals include:

  • In some truck accident cases, we send investigators to the accident site. They’ll take pictures and videos and walk through the site to review the path of the vehicles, whether there were any obstructions, and think through what logically happened before and during the crash. Investigators will also examine the vehicles involved. Documenting where the damage to the truck and other vehicles are located can help determine who was at fault. They also are experienced at speaking with any witnesses.
  • Traffic reconstruction professionals. In some cases, we work with traffic reconstruction experts. These professionals usually have engineering and computer graphics experience to analyze and show how the crash occurred.
  • Product safety professionals. We may also consult with product safety experts if there is a reason to believe a defective auto part such as a faulty braking system caused the crash.
  • Truck industry professionals. In truck accident cases, truck industry professionals can help determine if the truck driver had logs or black boxes which can verify whether a driver drove too many hours or was fatigued and what their driving route was. They can review whether the truck was routinely inspected and whether any other standard protocols were breached.

The Truck Accident Law Firm has devoted many hours of research and have the professional resources and expertise necessary to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

There are many companies that involved when it comes to semi-truck accidents. This can range from the truck’s driver, the person or company that leased the truck or trailer from the owner, the manufacturer of the vehicle, tires, or other parts that may have contributed to the cause or severity of the accident, and the shipper or loader of the truck’s cargo.

Ultimately the employer should be financially responsible if its employee injures someone while in the course of employment. The employer benefits from the employee’s work.  There are times where the driver of the truck is an independent contractor. They still perform the services of the driving route; however, they are responsible for gas, repairs, and benefits. They are responsible for their own liability. In this instance the driver may be liable, however, there are several other factors that only an experienced attorney will have privy too.

As you can see there are many companies and individuals involved and that is why you need an experienced truck driving attorney on your side. What may look to be a simple case can then turn into an extremely complicated situation. The Truck Accident Law Firm is here for a free consultation to answer any questions you may have about a truck accident.