How Semi-Truck Accidents are Different than a Car Accident

There are some major differences in regard to an automobile accident and commercial motor vehicles or a semi-truck accident. There are so many different variables that come in to play, however, this article will help break it down. If you were an unfortunate victim of one of these accidents, it is good to know how the legal process will play out so that you can be prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve. First and foremost, it is an exceptionally good idea to find an attorney who has dedicated their lives to commercial motor vehicles or semi-truck accident cases due to this type of case is very complex and requires an experienced team armed with the right questions such as The Truck Accident Law Firm.

The Severity of the Damage from a Semi-Truck Tend to be more Severe

The brutality of a truck accident can shake a victim and their family to the core. The injuries are more severe and often times result in a wrongful death case. It goes without saying that the impact of a semi-truck is much greater than that of a car. Not only is there greater damage to the vehicle involved, but it usually results in permanent or long-lasting injuries.

Taking on a Trucking Company

One of the biggest differences in an automobile accident vs. truck accident is there is usually not just one insurance company liable for compensation. Since Florida truck accident law allows you to sue more than one entity in a single accident, you could have multiple cases against not only the trucking company but the driver and any manufacturer as well. When you have acclaim that is against the trucking company you will be dealing with very experienced and aggressive insurance companies (and their attorneys). These lawyers specialize only in defending their represented and their goal is to minimize the severity and deny liability to protect their monetary responsibility. This is one of the main reasons to hire a firm that specializes in only accidents of this magnitude.

Understanding the Causes of These Types of Accidents

Another big difference between a commercial motor vehicle or semi-truck and a car accident is figuring out the cause of the accident. The majority of the time truck accidents tend to be caused by a different set of circumstances. Car accidents tend to be caused by the fault of a single driver error (did not stop in time, distracted driving, speeding, ect.). Trucking accidents on the other hand tend to happen because of their sheer size. They tend not to be able to stop as quickly and improper turns. Another factor in this type of accident is  anequipment failure or manufacturer defects of which would result in a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the truck. It is the responsibility of the driver and truck company to maintain different check-ups on the truck.

An experienced trucking law firm will know how to thoroughly investigate the cause of a truck accident. This includes the analysis of the trucking logs, safety records from the truck company, the driver’s safety record, hour logs, and any training/licenses and any manufacturing recalls or defects. The process of gathering all the information and evidence is much more cumbersome with a semi-truck accident than with an automobile accident.

How Truck Accidents are more Complex in Nature

Dissecting how the accident happened and who is negligent and what liability lies where to ensure the victim has the compensation, they not only deserve but will allow for future medical treatments is incredibly challenging in trucking accidents. Figuring out economic damages (medical care, loss of income, and loss of earning), non-economic damages(pain and suffering), and punitive damages (when the trucking company acts in bad faith) is another reason to not attempt to take on these type of cases without the expertise of a law firm who has over 50 years of combined experience such as The Truck Accident Law Firm.

Truck Accident Injuries are More Serious

The collision with a tractor-trailer the outcome is nearly always devastating when it comes to the injuries that the victim incurs. Trucks, such as 18-wheelers, are long, tall, and almost 20 times heavier than a car. With this being said they are at a much higher risk for causing accidents that result in severe injuries and disability to other road users. Traumatic brain injury (TBI), head and neck injuries, amputations, bone fractures, burn injuries, life-long damage to the bones, muscles or nerves in the spinal cord and just a few of the extensive injuries that commonly occur with this type of accident. Fatalities are also more common in big truck accidents. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles report  states that nearly 32,000 accidents involving a large truck occurred in Florida in 2017. Of these accidents, 27 people were killed, 57 were incapacitated, and 1,053 suffered other injuries.

The Truck Accident Law Firm has the specialized skill, experience, and resources necessary to assist you in obtaining a full recovery if you are involved in a truck or commercial motor vehicle crash. We have helped many victims injured or killed in truck and motor vehicle crashes maximize their claim. We are dedicated to treating our clients with dignity, respect, and compassion throughout the legal process. Call us if you or a loved one has been a victim of a commercial motor vehicle or semi-truck accident 888-511-8782



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