How a Truck Accident Attorney can Help you Obtain the Compensation you Deserve

Over the years, The Truck Accident Law Firm has the specialized skill, experience, and resources necessary to assist you in obtaining a full recovery if you are involved in a truck or commercial motor vehicle crash. When you come to our firm and ask us to help you pursue compensation after a tractor-trailer accident team takes immediate action to begin the process for your case.

We begin by fully assessing your damages because the monetary compensation you receive in the end must be sufficient to cover your past and future medical bills as well as any other expenses that you are likely to incur. Being that our firm’s primary focus is tractor-trailer and semi-truck accidents we fully understand the damages and injuries that people sustain from these types of crashes are more severe than most other vehicle accidents due to their massive size. It is imperative that whomever you hire they have the experience that the Truck Accident Law Firm has to ensure that your case is not being undervalued. Cases of this magnitude are extraordinarily complex and usually involve numerous companies that participated in transporting the load who may bear some fault for the crash, not just the truck drive and trucking company.

There is numerous tough decision that will need to be made as your case progresses and you can be assured that our legal team will provide you with the advice that you will need to make the right decision ensuring you will be able to boost your chances of recovering the compensation you and your love ones deserve due to another’s negligence.

We believe it is important for you to understand the most common causes of trucking accidents and why they reek more havoc and cause more damage. Primarily negligence is usually the main factor. Some of the common causes of truck accidents are distracted drivers, fatigue, defective machinery, error in judgment pertaining to the performance of the driver, neglected vehicle maintenance, lack of familiarity with the roadway, vehicle load, and the truck driver training and experience. The basis of a negligence claim is the legal principle that all drivers on the road, including truck drivers, must operate their vehicles in a reasonable manner. Truck drivers must abide by a set of guidelines that are regulated and monitored. A good example is that truck drivers must maintain an appropriate distance to follow another vehicle of which is vastly different than an automobile. In addition, the blind spots of a semi-truck are much larger than those of other vehicles of which requires them to take extra precautions to avoid injuring others due to their negligence. Another factor that arises frequently is called negligence per se which is a claim that is based on violations of laws that result in injury to others. This type of violation of the law is meant to protect such persons such as vehicles, motorcyclist, or pedestrians and it is based on injuries that result from the type of harm that the negligent is due to the fact the person at fault has broken the law and resulted in injuries to another. This would include violations such as driving while being inebriated, speeding, reckless driving or running a traffic stop sign or traffic light. Basically, if one suffers an injury because another person has broken the law, then one could have a valid case of negligence per se.

The primary reason to hire an attorney who’s main practice is trucking accidents is due to the complexity of these type of cases which are very detailed and very expansive without extensive knowledge of this practice area one might not know what documents to require the trucking company to preserve much less know what records to ultimately request from the trucking company. Being that all of our attorneys have gone to truck driving school and obtained a CDL license they know firsthand what to look for and how to piece the information together such as the regulations that all truck drivers must abide by, driver’s logbooks, bills of lading or cell phone records, obtaining the documentation of evidence at the scene, safety records from both the trucking company and the driver, any training/licenses and any manufacturing recalls or defects.

As previously stated, tractor-trailer accidents can be very violent due to their massive size and results in injuries that are life-altering and at times result in a wrongful death case. The severity of the injuries that accompany these types of accident are usually more severe and can include spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, amputations, traumatic brain injuries, burns, internal organ injuries,

Our attorneys will aggressively take the case to trial if the negligent party’s insurance company does not offer a fair and reasonable settlement. Our trucking attorneys have been negotiating settlements for 50 plus years combined and we will fight for the best outcome for your case. Call The Truck Accident Law Firm for a case evaluation at no charge to you and we do not receive payment until after you obtain the justice you deserve.




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