Millions of semitrucks drive on El Paso roadways each year. With all of that traveling, accidents are sometimes inevitable. “Unfortunately, it happens every now and then we do see a lot of accidents on I-10 and sometimes it will shut it down completely,” said Lieutenant David Konstantine-Guzman of the El Paso Fire Department. “I would say we see these kinds of accidents once a month to every other month.” Information we received from Texas Department of Transportation shows that semitruck crashes accounted for 4.2 percent of the total crashes for the last five years, which is 4,964 out of 117,915 in the El Paso District.

“It’s all about being cautious, all about being of course… having a sixth sense. As a driver, you need to read the other cars, the situation and the other people’s habits,” said Edgar Moran, a training manager at Mesilla Valley Transportation. Drivers at MVT undergo six months of training after they’ve already gone to school and earned their Commercial Driver’s License. After that, they are able to drive on their own.

“Part of having a CDL (commercial drivers license) and part of having a tractor-trailer, you do have an extinguisher in there. If it’s small enough to hit it with the extinguisher, by all means, first start it, but that’s where people get overcome with smoke,” said Konstantine-Guzman.

“We take all of the precautions. A driver cannot drive more than 11 hours during a 14-hour shift,” said Moran.

In the case of an accident, their drivers are trained to react the best way possible, not only to save their lives but also those around them.
“These vehicles are made to also save the lives of our drivers as much as trying to save the lives of the other people who you are going to be having the accident with. No load is worth your life,” said Moran.

TxDOT says if there is damage to any state property following an accident, they will file a damage claim.

The injuries that are sustained in a trucking accident are far more extensive than an automobile.  It is imperative you seek treatment immediately and contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. Our lawyers will gather all the necessary information to build a strong case on your behalf. Contact The Truck Accident Law Firm or give us a call 904-306-9220 or 888-511-TRUCK.

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